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Drabble Meme Response: VM/SGA
From this entry.  Putting multiple cuts, or possibly user names, is screwing up for me right now, so each will have it's own post.

Veronica Mars and Rodney McKay (communication stone, panic) -- for brendanm720 

One moment she had been fiddling with the little "good luck charm" Logan had given her, which she had to admit looked cool even if she thought Logan was a dupe for believing that it had actually come from some lost Incan ruin. The next thing she knew, she was standing somewhere completely different, listening to a balding man rant about... Honestly, she had no idea what he was ranting about. It was far beyond her limited skills. She thought she recognized a word or two from her last physics class, but the man seemed to be speaking in a completely different language.

Veronica shifted and jumped slightly when she felt cloth against her legs and something heavy on her feet. She glanced down to see that her cute but sensible skirt and pumps had been replaced by fatigue pants and boots, of all things. But what really freaked her out was the realization that those were not her legs. Those were not her hands clenched into fists, one holding that stupid little stone.

Her breath started coming in little gasps as panic fully started to set in. It was enough to bring the man out of his rant and start yelling for some colonel and a medical emergency.

Between one blink and the next, she was back in her office, in good old, normal Neptune. She quickly tossed the damned stone away from herself and sank to the floor beside her desk, her breath still coming out in gasps as she tried to calm down.

She didn't know what that was, whether or not it had been real or a hallucination. It had felt real enough, but by definition didn't all hallucinations?

She took a deep, cleansing breath and finally got off the floor. She remembered the name of the colonel the man had been yelling for. And she wasn't a PI for nothing. She could find out if the guy existed. And if not, she'd schedule an appointment with her doctor and possibly that shrink her dad had made her see after Lilly's death.

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