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Drabble Meme Response: Luna
For spankerella .  Don't think for a moment that I don't know why you requested Luna.

*coff*  And I made it a crossover.  Because I could not resist!


"The stars, they sing."

"Do they," Luna asked. "They don't to me. But then, I take a daily infusion of dandelion root to ensure that they don't."

She clinked her chains together, gently as to not rub her skin raw. As far as hostage situations went, it wasn't too bad. Sure, she would like to sit down, but the run down house was better than the dank basement she had been in the last go 'round. Warmer and dryer, at least.

"They will, Little Sister, once you embrace the night. Then the stars will sing as we bathe in blood."

"That doesn't sound very sanitary," Luna pointed out. The dark haired female ignored her, though as she spun in the beam of moonlight that shone through the hole in the roof. "And bathing in blood can cause milogenaria. Horribly itchy, that is."

"You shall be my Moon, my pale and wonderful Moon. And you shall never turn your face from me. Not like the real moon does. It hides away, scared of the blood and reluctant to come and play. But my Moon, my beautiful dark Moon, you will always love me."

She danced over to Luna and ran one long, blood red nail down her cheek, causing blood to well up to the surface. The vampire's growl as she leaned forward to lick the drops off could almost be considered playful. At least, if Luna hadn't been scared out of her mind.

Suddenly the vampire shrieked and jumped away.

"No! No! You are to be my Moon! Not the dirty boy's. Corrupt. Corrupt he is, with seeds of the dark. Not good for the pale and glorious Moon. Not right!"

Luna warily watched her as she grabbed a worn chair and smashed it against the wall, sending splinters flying through the air.

The vampire was just as quickly calm again, standing in front of Luna and running a gentle hand through her hair. "I shall protect you from the dirty boy, my Moon. And you shall sing for Princess. Sing the way Daddy and Spike no longer do. A sweet aria just for Dru."

"Have you tried dandelion root," Luna asked. "I think it might help you. And, at the very least, it couldn't hurt. Or seen a healer? I'm sure that they have healers for vampires. I think I read about one just the other day in the Prophet."

"Yes," the vampire proclaimed, licking the tips of her fingers. "He got stuck in my teeth, the stringy old healer. All potions and no blood. Bitter infusions."

"Not all infusions are bitter. Well, the dandelion root is, because dandelions are bitter. But you can sweeten it with sugar, just like any other tea."

"Yes. Yes!" Dru gave a little hop and clapped her hands like a child. "We shall have tea, my Moon."

Luna sighed as she watched the vampire gather together tea things. Dru forgot to add water to the kettle before putting it in the fire and soon the stench of burning tea leaves filled the air. Oh, well. She was sure that someone would rescue her soon. And at least the vampire was interesting to talk to.


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*snicker* Now THAT is a scary duo - Dru and Luna. Yay! Very Luna, very Dru. Well done.

Nice. I agree with Liz. Very Scary.

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