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Drabble Meme Response: Methos/StarGate
For kaylashay .


Dr. Ben Adams looked through the glass window, down at the Ring of the Gods. They had done it. The sons of bitches had actually dug the damned thing up and had put it to use. He couldn't believe it.

He remembered when it had been buried, one of his earliest memories, actually. The foreigners had come, Dan'yel, Oneal and Sama'tha, with the Jaffa Teal'c. They had lived in the village, arguing in their own language and avoiding the servants of the gods.

And then, they had rebelled. The foreigners had encouraged this, and with the exception of Dan'yel, had died in the attempt to subvert the gods.

Dan'yel had tried to explain how Oneal, Sama'tha and Teal'c came back to life after that. They were different than they had been before, and they did not have the buzz that warned Ben of others of his kind, so he knew that they were not like him, but he had never fully understood how it had worked.

So many lives lost to bury the Ring and five thousand years later arrogant children dig it up and open Pandora's box.

A noise behind him pulled his attention away from the ring and he turned to see... Oneal? The man looked the same, but wore the uniform of a general. Behind him was Dan'yel, his nose buried in a pile of papers. But it was not possible. Neither man seemed to recognize him. He would think that it was all a coincidence, that genetic variances had managed to produce two such familiar faces, but the way they carried themselves, the scar on the general's brow... It was too much.

"Dr. Adams, welcome to the SGC," the General greeted. "I'm General O'Neill, two elles, and they tell me that I run the place. And this is Dr Daniel Jackson, our resident expert in... Well, pretty much everything to do with rocks."

"This is the first time we've had a civilian Chief Medical Officer," Jackson said. "Did you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get here?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Ben answered.

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Officially. That. Rocked!!!!


Love the tie in to the time travel and poor Methos being all confuddled by the 'look alikes'! Hee!

*hugs drabble-ish ficlet*


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