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Drabble Meme Response: Avatar
For websandwhiskers .

People would question why she did this, she knew. Trudy Chacon was not a Na'vi expert. She had not turned native like Grace or fallen for some Na'vi princess like Jake. She was supposed to be a soldier, blindly following orders. She was not supposed to go off the reservation and against her contract.

Nevertheless, Trudy thought as she carefully painted a blue swatch across her eyes, she had done just that. Broken her contract with the company and joined a Na'vi rebellion. Because she hated flying over the strip mines. Because she loved seeing the living forest fly by beneath her.

It made no sense, not really. Even if they did manage to win, she'd never be able to go back to Earth. And life on Pandora would be... Confined. Confined to the ground once the fuel ran out. Confined to the compound unless she suffered a mask. It was no way to live, not when you were used to the freedom of flight.

People would ask question why she did this. And she did not have an answer.

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Eee, thank you! I think you got Trudy just right - she strikes me as someone who'd operate very much from instinct. She's not stupid, but she's not one to articulate her thoughts. So it works for me that she'd know this was something she had to do without really quite knowing why.

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