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Drabble Meme Response: Hermione and Brennan

For amazonmink .


"Dr. Brennan?"

Bones looked up from the notes she was reading to see a well-dressed young woman standing before her, her hand outstretched, waiting for a handshake. The woman's hair was confined to a braid, but something about it told Bones that it tended to be on the wild side.

"Hermione Granger, Ministry Liaison," the woman greeted, handing over a card as soon as the hand shake was dealt with.


"A branch of the British government that is not discussed, Ma'am. And we would like to employ your services."

Bones considered the woman. She'd been involved with hidden government organizations before. She had a higher clearance than Booth, even. But that was in the US, not in the UK, where she was currently on a lecture tour.

"I have a letter from the Prime Minister, if that would help convince you."

"I only work with the Jeffersonian Museum and the FBI, Miss Granger. If the British government needs my help, then an official request should be made through one of those agencies."

"Yes, Ma'am. But you are in Britain now, Dr. Brennan. Going through official channels would require time that we do not have. Not if we want to solve this crime."

That got Bones' attention. "Are the remains those of a murder victim?"

"Yes, Ma'am. The body was found this morning, with signs of predation. The victim is believed to be a young mother who disappeared two days ago, along with her daughter."

Bones stood and shoved her notes into her shoulder bag. The lecture would have to wait.

"Lead the way, Miss Granger."