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BTVS Drabble
160 words in response to elle_blessing's prompt.

Prompt: "Com'on juices!"
Characters: Buffy, Willow, Xander

“Why are we doing this again,” Buffy asked as she dodged a swipe from a leafy tentacle. The twenty-foot tall, carnivorous plant followed up with another tentacle aimed at her ankles, which she barely managed to hop over.

“Because Faith needs the sap,” Willow reminded her friend. She was crouched near the base of the plant, a small vial held at the ready to catch some of the sticky sap that she was expecting to well up from the small cut she had made in the stem.

“Com’on, juices,” Xander muttered from his position at her back. He was tasked with watching the witch’s back, to protect her from any retaliation the plant might attempt. But the plant was more interested in the the slayer dancing in front of it's flowering jaws than the two humans who had snuck in under the radar, as it were.

"I'm never looking at flowers the same way again," the slayer quipped.

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HAHA! Of course they're dealing with a carnivorous flower. It's part of the day job.


It was also the only thing I could think of that was PG... /dirty mind

Edited at 2012-02-22 02:48 am (UTC)

HEE. They don't have to be PG XD

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