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Teen Wolf Crossover Big Bang Art
Artwork for The Escalation of Minor Misunderstandings (It’s Always Spider-Man’s Fault) done for teenwolf_xbb
Author: lorax
Fandoms: Teen Wolf, The Avengers
Art Rating: G

Cover Art:

 photo WIP5_zpsbe42bb2a.jpg


 photo divider_zpsa98f251b.jpg


 photo icon2_zpsb52f6d44.jpg  photo icon1_zpsd5c66100.jpg

Notes:  OK, it's been awhile since I did this.  A couple of the Dylan O'Brien shots I did not write down the specific web address for, and then could not find them again when I lookedIf anyone knows the specific address, please tell me and I'll link them.


Spider-man screen shots:

Shield Logo:

Dylan O pix: dylanobrianfanstumblr, and,

Fury pix:



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Wow, these are gorgeous! The cover art is awesome.

Hi! All the artwork is gone thanks to photobucket's new policies. :(

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