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Fanart Master Post -- WIPBB15: The Right Partner
Artwork for: The Right Partner
Author: owlmoose
Fandom: Captain America/Agent Carter
Art Rating: G


Well...  Crap.  I know I have a list of sources of what I used.  Do you think I can currently find them???  No!

OK.  All the grabs of canon elements came from That's actually the entire thing, except for the pocket watch element and a texture that is behind the little trio.  The watch came from an antiques site.  The texture...  *shrug*

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Fic: The Right Partner (MCU)

User owlmoose referenced to your post from Fic: The Right Partner (MCU) saying: [...] //; artwork by is embedded in the fic and also available here [...]

MCU Fic: "The Right Partner"

User owlmoose referenced to your post from MCU Fic: "The Right Partner" saying: [...] incentive. The lovely artwork, by , is embedded in the story as a cover image and also posted here [...]

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